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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  September 7, 2014 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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anne makovec. i' good morning it is 7:30 a.m. on september 7th thanks for joining us. >> we have a lot of news to get to in this next hour. >> operation urban shield taking over the bay area this weekend. the huge training operation for local police officers but it is garnering criticism. >> mayor kwan said she does not want it in her city any more. >> but what does the sheriff's department have to say about that. politics back to school but in california that means controversy. all right. common core what is the future of that. teacher tenure big issue both on local and state level and
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suspensions, of students, rather, questions about where does that put school safety. we will talk about that. >> with the new superintendent of oakland school district. >> the only scheduled debate for governor happened just this week but did you catch it? >> don't worry we caught it. >> we did our job. >> we have thoughts. >> we will share that with you. lots coming up but a lovely day around the bay area, wall be it cooler than what we -- all be it cooler than what we saw yesterday. bay bridge from the roof cam. temperatures 50s all around the bay area except for one, 60- degree mark in oakland. we will see clouds hanging around afternoon sunshine for most of the bay area and temps a little below average here is mark with your headlines. >> one person is dead after a bizarre crash at a busy san jose freeway interchange it happened yesterday morning northbound u.s. 101 connector
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ramp to northbound interstate 680. chp arrived to find a smashed up green honda and red mazda blocking the road. it was the end result of two separate accidents the honda hit the wall first the two women got outside to wait for help when the mazda slammed into their car and knocked one of the women over a retaining wall she died at the scene. no word on whether the mazda driver will face any charges. firefighters are making progress against a 300-acre wild fire burning in mariposa county. cal fire says the bridge fire in the pond row a is a basin is 60% contained an evacuation order is in effect for 300 homes near yosemite. highway 49 reopened but other roads remain closed some evacuees are worried about what they might find when they return home. >> i just bought this house a
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year ago, so i would hate to lose it you know or any of my neighbors lose theirs. >> a second fire broke out in neighboring madera county friday briefly threatened homes there. firefighters managed to contain it to just 5-acres. rescue crews believe the wreckage from the single engine plane near jamaica, sunk. it was carrying a new york developer and his wife when it veered off course friday. both were experienced pilots but the pilot lost contact with air traffic control. u.s. fighter jets later saw the pilot slumped over the controls investigators saw peck it may have lost cabin -- suspect it may have lost cabin pressure. >> local first responders have been up all night training for the worst of disasters. >> 26 hours into the largest set of mock drills done in the bay area today they will be at it all day again but this year, this will be the last one for
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operation urban shield based in oakland because well, it is meant to protect and prepare the event garnered criticism. it shows off the latest policing tools and gives law enforcement a chance to train for all sorts of disaster scenarios but the mayor of oakland says between the protests and strain on the department it is just not worth it and the city will not seek a contract for next year. >> when urban shield happens a lot of protestors come from all over, and it is a burden on the city and having to take a lot of police officers out of the community to cover events like this is probably not worth it for us. >> alameda county hosted it for the last eight years and it has been held in oakland for the last two years. of course, the sheriff's department of alameda county says this is a training operation meant to do good for us ultimately and get people ready for you know the worst, terrorist attacks, you know,
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anything. >> right but it is the congregation of the convention like atmosphere and trade show that accompanies it that upset mayor kwan and the protestors who say it represents mill tarrization of local police departments but the mayor doesn't have a lot to say about this this is a county event done by the sheriff it is not done on city property she can participate or can't and they can move it but it is an election year and some of her opponents are opposed to urban shield so that might be in play as well. >> mill tarrization is the big buzz word but it may be a vocal my torety really against training when it comes to this. we are talking all sorts of first responders doctors to firefighters getting trained this weekend. >> also interesting to note the mayor isn't talking about having the sheriff's department not patrol the streets of oakland which they have been doing the last couple years to help out. >> all nevada needs now to approve an incentive package as
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it will become the home of tesla's factory. >> that $5 billion factory that would go into a reno suburb california wanted it but nevada won out with an incentive package including various tax breaks totals up to $1.3 billion over the next 20 years. tesla ceo says it is important for his company and unlike any other in the world. >> the factory is really vital for the future of tesla in order to produce this mass market affordable electric car it is not just it will be the biggest battery factory in the world but the sum of all lithium iron factorys in the world. >> the governor says despite incentives and tax breaks it could generate tens of billions in renne view. >> this is a -- revenue. >> this is a embarrassment locally >> one those
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batteries, some will go to fremont to the tesla factory this was an expensive factory a lot of upfront tax breaks for them to do this and second of all they wanted that thing built fast within the next couple years and california's environmental regulations are stiff and he couldn't get exemptions he wanted. governor confirmed it during last week's debate saying he intends to sign the bill any day now. paper bags will cost 10¢ each. plastic bag manufacturers will get $2 million to help them come up with a plan to make a heavier duty bag growers can sell. brown has until september 28th to sign that bill into law this would be the first in the country it is good to get rid of the piece meal approach, individual counties and cities have their own bans now it will
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be a standard thing across the state. >> the governor will sign that there was last minute negotiations between various parties involved in the bag debate itself but rather union talks about merging of large super market chains which shows you, a lot of times it is the bag or what goes into the bag that winds up getting attention of sacramento. >> meanwhile a lot of websites are vowing to slow down this wednesday, the approach is to encourage the fcc to protect net neutrality the site that will be promoting the all day action, net neutrality means internet providers and governments treat all data on the internet equally in other words they don't discriminate or charge differently by the user of the content, platform or the site. several popular websites are participating in the slow down when you log on you will see this spinning wheel to symbolize what they say searching the web could look like without net neutrality the fcc is expecting to issue a final rule as soon as the end
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of the year. >> another buzz phrase i didn't know what it meant because i heard about it but not really kind of soaked it in but basically it means it is like a fast lane and a slow lane for internet meaning if you pay you could get in the fast lane and the rest of us who are not interested in paying would be stuck in the slow lane. >> like driving on the highway. >> i know. local school district that had a history of struggles the new superintendent how he plans to get things on the right path. chefs are leaving san francisco why many say they simply cannot stay in town we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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took over at the oakland und school district. mes in after there is a new superintendent at the helm of oakland unified school district. >> he worked in denver for nine years and has a lot of tasks ahead of him in oakland among them shoring up the district's finances and ensuring the high
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school graduation rate that stands at 63%. >> that doesn't include all the politics that go with schools in california, but he has some big priorities and he has been joining us but i have to ask you out of the gate what made you come to oakland. >> to put it briefly, it is oakland students. >> it is a troubled school district as well it has a lot of problems of its own but a lot that reflect education in the state of california what do you see as the challenge. >> we need to make sure everyone of our students attends a great school. >> but you have been closing schools in oakland cha is a controversy. >> again i think we need to keep the focus on quality,. >> okay but quality is a lofty goal but to achieve it takes a lot of wrangling let's look at some of the hottest issues going on right now one of them is suspensions we have had a lot of criticisms african american youth and other
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minority youths are suspended at a higher rate than anyone else. parents are concerned about class safety. >> well, i think we have to always say, safety is number one, we are finding ways to keep our students in school. there are several ways to keep students in school and have safety. >> give an example. >> emphasizing restorative approaches, making students responsible for behaviour. >> but who is going to do that is it going to be the teach inner the classroom. >> this oakland we are working on staff to make sure it is not just the teacher but all adults take responsibility and students themselves. >> when we say take responsibility what do you mean? >> well, i think one it means getting students to understand, how their actions impact other students and while you are doing that making sure they are not disrupting the education
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that the teachers are there to provide. >> we will have to see how that one goes. another hot issue right now even in the governor's race, teacher tenure there is criticism, in a suit just brought that said older teachers more experienced teachers are working their way out of the minority schools as a result because of seniority, minority schools heavy schools are getting an inordinant amount of new teachers, inexperienced teachers. >> i support all teaches but don't believe tenure -- teachers but don't believe tenure or years of experience should be used by determining which school students go to or teachers should teach at. >> you don't see it as a gauge for where you go in the district. >> i don't believe it should be at all it should be on what is best for kids and people should be going to schools they believe in the mission and vision and believe in those kids. >> that could put you at odds with the union. >> well, i am here to make a
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difference with kids i am looking forward to working with our union on that issue i believe our focus has to be on doing what is best for kids. >> speaking of what is best for kids there is a lot of talk about common core new approach to learning your feelings. >> i believe it is a great opportunity our focus should be on curriculum for all students. >> in oakland one of the biggest tug-of-wars has been the public schools versus charter schools. and there has been an exit of students from oakland public part of it into the charter part. your feelings on that. >> charter schools are public schools. >> right but not under the same administrative wing. >> i would say no. our district authorizes charter schools those are oakland schools, serving oakland students i don't see it that way. what we need to do is make sure our district run schools are thriving and seen as valuable
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opportunities for students to learn as well. >> can they coexist. >> absolutely. >> again that will put you at odds with the union >> again i come from a district in denver where we were able the demonstrate you can have both and if we put our focus on supporting teachers and providing quality schools our teachers will find we can do both. >> your first biggest task. only a couple seconds left. big district a lot of different challenges but rewards as well what is the first thing you want to do this year? >> we are focusing on making sure we are doing a better job supporting our people and putting emphasis on college and career readiness. >> what about vocational. >> well, we have a measure in coming in, it will support all opportunity including vocation opportunities for students. >> you already got the pitch in for the tax. thank you for joining us. weather forecast, today, because it is going to be
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another nice day around the bay area. dublin cam, cloudy start in the east bay as it is most everywhere around the bay at this hour what to expect in the day ahead, and we are going the see clouds moving out afternoon sun for most temperatures a little below average but really pretty pleasant around most of the bay area, highs south bay, 70s and low 80s, 77 santa clara for the big game this afternoon, in the east bay, generally 80s the warmest spot is going to be brent wood at 89 degrees. moving to your highs in north bay 70s and around 80 degrees and city and central bay, mid- 60s to around 70 degrees. taking a look at your seven-day forecast, extra clouds tomorrow, and that is apparently due to left over moisture from hurricane norbert hitting baja california, temperatures mild most of the week and then a brief warm up to more seasonal temperatures.
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help wanted san francisco restaurants in need of cooks the pricey city is forcing many to take their tall will notes across the bay to oak -- talents across the bay to oakland or another state. one restaurant is stirring upideas to fix the cook shortage. the chef is on it, climbing the culinary ladder isn't autoglitsy. >> eventually it can be. >> as chef partner, he is trying to build his kitchen team but admits it is not easy. three years ago a job posting here could land ten qualified applicants on day one alone today he is fortunate to get one or two and lucky to get them to commit long term to pricey san francisco. >> process of hiring that person and investing training and all that and then they leave because they are not able to live or afford the lifestyle it makes it challenging.
7:49 am
>> reporter: according to bureau of labor statistics cooks earn an average wane just shy of $29,000 a year. at san francisco cooking school she said her students are thinking outside the box like writing about food just to make ends meet. >> can create an income to allow you to stay in san francisco even students who graduate and work in restaurants if they want to live in the city we often find they supplement income by doing something else. >> reporter: more qualified cooks, they are looking for perks from paying to public transit affordable housing even higher pay for cooks. many already commute from across the bay. >> bart ends at midnight you are a young cook working at a restaurant you are not getting off before midnight you have to think about opportunity costs of what a job in the city might provide for you. >> reporter: a cooks life has always been a challenge.
7:50 am
san francisco's crazy cost of living is just one more hurdle when conquered makes the reward sweeter. >> when it comes to fruition when you put that time in learn the craft do it the right way that is really what being a chef is all about. seems almost like they can write their own ticket. >> both interviews called this a cooks market, supply and demand demand is there for cooks restaurants need them there is an advantage. >> the >> gets she have gets the star but the cook puts it on the plate. >> front line in a football team you might have a star quarterback but without a line, -- they are not playing at home they are playing in texas the cowboys. >> we forgive you. the only scheduled debate
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in this year's race for governor, this is morrisonn topic we will take a look at whether -- more my topic. we will look at whether either governor gained ground ,,,,,, what the? foster farms chicken gets to the store in 48 hours or less.
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democratic incumbent jerry n an the only planned debate in 2014 race for governor.
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gerry brown and neil cashcarry, squeezed in a variety of topics. exchange, regarding the water tunnels, brown wants to bore. $25 billion for these tunnelobama administration has serious concerns if you look at his infrastructure projects, many years over budget, many years late. this will cost 50 or $75 million by the time we are done with it. >> this has been on the table for 50 years. half the water to silicon valley will disappear in a matter of days that would be a catastrophe. >> brown said the plan is still cooking. the latest poll before the debate showed brown with a commanding 16 point lead. >> the big question did the debate move the needle at all. >> of course, any candidate to challenge a popular incumbent
7:55 am
either kashkari or brown emerge as the winner. let's take a look. >> i think it was a draw. at best. there were no knock off punches, no mistakes, subject matter and content was such you can intellectualize about it and there was clearly no body sparkled no development of any new character from that room. >> wait a minute, kashkari he was impressive is he a rising star. >> absolutely he was seen as a gimmick a place holder for the gop whose primary qualification was not tim donnelly he is a real candidate with grasp of the issues. >> didn't you think he went toe to toe on cap and trade, teachers tenure. >> in every way he was toe to toe but that was the only thing
7:56 am
he demonstrated and that was that he belongs on the same stage but without the title and without credentials. >> so in other words it is hard to knock down an incumbent what would it take to knock out an incumbent. >> it is so hard about recognition and favours ultimately one of two things has to happen you have to have a huge gap like a really massive mess up which gerry brown has thus far managed to not do and be scandal free. >> that is exactly why the incumbent, should debate anybody period, you just should ignore him completely and ignore your colleague, call out request for debate stay away from that, because it is clearly possible for you to make a mistake. jerry avoided that i applauded
7:57 am
him. >> he didn't look like he was having much fun he was red faced and garbled didn't give clear concise answers didn't look like someone who likes to debate. to mayor brown not clear why he went through with something he was so miserable in the middle of. >> why should he go through with it he has to. this is a debate on who is going to lead the eighth largest economy in the world. >> and looks like the only one we will have. >> the governor had to because political reporters like us were going to hound him saying where is the debate he had it right after labor day on opening nfl night p and not in front of a live audience so in case there were any errors, it would be recoverable. >> there should be more debates and it is almost insulting to not have more. >> absentee voting starts in just a few weeks. we have to get that in before it starts.
7:58 am
>> i think neil kashkari did pretty well i could see governor brown's jabs he looked like a sales man he spoke to the camera as opposed to governor brown. >> encore performance in the name of democracy >> i really do. >> right here in studio. >> local congressman back from a trip to the middle east. we will ask about the ongoing crisis in that part of the world. funeral for comedy legend joan rivers about to get under way. lots coming up next half hour stick around ♪ get your taste of the season,
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the time is _ _ _. good morning, i'm phil matier. welcome back to kpix 5 this morning the time is 8:01 a.m. i am phil matier. >> i am ann makovec. we will be joined live by congressman who just visited iraq. isis has been growing threat to the u.s.,. >> also questions about did the u.s. know this was happening, did the entire threat to the middle east or did it just spring out of the blue. we will sit down with the congressman and get his take on that a little closer to home we will take a look at water solution, the drought doesn't show any signs of letting up. sit time to reach into the ocean and start taking the water there, what is the cost how are we going to do it. >> desalination it has been a
8:02 am
hot topic we need more water and have so much very nearby but too salty to drink we will talk about process and whether it is viable. >> another favorite topic. >> election season. a lot of people are not aware we will be placing votes in a matter of weeks, -- november 6th is the elections what are we looking for? what are the hot topics we will see on the ballot. >> the future of some of the biggest names in california politics. >> true. we have lots comes up but first your headlines. >> more relief on the way for napa following the magnitude 6 quake two weeks ago tomorrow they are opening a new assistance center to help victims it will be a one stop shop for residentbusiness owners to connect with resources to help them get back on their feet. 6-year-old boy with autism who went missing in south san jose has been safely reunited
8:03 am
with his family. he was found around 4:00 a.m. this morning a homeless man spotted him wandering near an encampment and then alerted police. while people at the encampment said they gave the boy food and shelter until police showed up. he went missing from his home, yesterday morning, police say it appears no crime has been committed. good news there. firefighters making progress against a 300-acre wild fire burning in mariposa county. cal fire said the bridge fire in pond rosa basin area is -- bonder rosa basin area is -- ponderosa basin area is 3% contained. highway 39 has reopened. some evacuees are concerned about what they might find when they return home. >> just bought this house, a year ago, so i would hate to lose it you know or any of my neighbors lose theirs.
8:04 am
>> a second fire that broke out in a neighboring county friday, also briefly threatened hones firefighters managed to contain it to 5-acres. any chance of federal immigration reform not looking likely until after the november election the president will not issue executive orders on the matter. pun dents says the clearly police call to avoid backlash with voters and cause a shift in balance of power on capital hill. democrats may try a new strategy depending on the outcome of the november election or the president may decide to take executive action. funeral for joan rivers under way right now in new york. friends and family are saying goodbye to the late comedian at a jewish temple in manhattan it is a private gathering fans had been leaving flowers at a sidewalk memorial near her new york apartment. she went into cardiac arrest during a procedure on her vocal cords. the new york medical examiner says it needs more information
8:05 am
to determine cause of death. that is a look at your top stories back to you. quick check on our weather forecast waking up to cloudy skies, live look right now south bay over the city of san jose, similar scene around much of the bay area and your temperatures right now upper 50s most spots, 60 oakland, 54 santa rosa, your weather headlines today after our mostly cloudy start, afternoon sunshine for most, temperatures a little bit below average but overall pleasant end to the weekend, a look at your seven- day forecast coming up in a few minutes. first, turning ocean water into drinking water the solution for california's drought? >> it might be especially with proposals for more desalination plants, the real test will be in carlsbad where the construction on the largest desalination plant, in the western hemisphere is in its final stages. >> reporter: california has
8:06 am
plenty of water, it is just too salty to drink. but that is about to change. by the year 2030 just 16 years from now it is expected 10% of the state's water supply will come from the ocean after being treated, by desalination plants. >> the pipe that i am looking into right now, is actually, discharge pipe. >> reporter: the project engineer on the nations largest deiseal plant being built 35 miles north of san diego in carlsbad. >> this is going to take sea water back from the desalination plant, and it will mix it with additional sea water being pumped out of the ocean, duluth it back down to more normal -- dilute it back down to more normal concentration. >> reporter: it will supply san diego county with 10% of its daily water needs 50 million- gallons. >> locally controlled, drought
8:07 am
proof adds a level of insurance that the economy will be able to continue to grow with a safe, reliable water source. >> just like any water supply it comes at a cost. san diego agreed to a 30 year contract and will pay twice what it is already paying the southern california water district for water. >> reporter: posey doneposeidon says it is dropping costs. >> there are more cost effective ways to tap into new sources says this professor from stanford. >> there is tremendous potential on the horizon. >> reporter: building a reservoir is no guarantee it will fill up. >> that is still not creating water. >> that report from alan martin. >> interesting, the report idea
8:08 am
of reaching into the sea for water comes as the environmental protection agency sent the governor's plans for the big tunnels, back for more work. >> seems like a viable option if we can get that cost down. congressional delegation for two decades rumors are swirling about what is next for barbara boxer. >> she is 73 years old, held her seat since 1992 and however may not keep it much longer, last week she squashed rumors about a mid-term resignation calling them bizarre but as for another run she made no guarantees. >> i love california, i love my job, and i am not resigning and as far as 2016 i will no next year and make a decision. >> but she is not doing any political fundraising, if she is planning another run as of end of june this year she has
8:09 am
just under $200,000 under her war chest normally they have millions of dollars. this is the subject of your column this morning in the san francisco chronicle. >> twofold in here one is the question about whether or not senator boxer is going to run again as you said the numbers don't exactly indicate she is out of the gate really fast but if she doesn't choose to run, she is going to have to give everybody a heads up because there will be a real rush of people looking to take her place in washington and that will take a lot of money and prep to get up and running. >> any people off the top of your head. >> gavin newsom lieutenant governor, kamela harris. billionaire investor, tom stier, john chong. who knows who could pop up and self-finance and make a credible campaign as well. >> we will follow it for you. meantime, piece of the stick comes on wednesday.
8:10 am
>> whip out your wallets that is when bidding begins on everything left inside the old stadium, score boards, light towers, kitchen equipment we are talking about the plumbing all going to be auctions off online if you are thinking about bidding be warned the winner has to cover the costs of removal. now proceeds of it all will go to san francisco but yeah, you will have to get it out yourself. >> that will be interesting to see how much money that auction raises all the proceeds going to the city of san francisco beside it is small cut to the auctioneer. local lawmaker giving his take on the crisis in the middle east he just returned from a visit to the ' region. joining us live next ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:11 am
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8:13 am
the san jose n- double-a-c-p will host the mayoral forum se and sam the two san jose mayoral candidates will face off later on this week. hosted by the naacp, hosting that mayoral forum friday it will be held between 6 and 8:00
8:14 am
p.m. it will be free and open to the public. congressman recently traveled to the middle east, meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders. >> he has thoughts on process for peace and threat from isis and neighboring countries. they still hold a large amount of territory. >> that's right and i want to thank you for coming in you just got back let's get right to it. isis who are they? >> this is formerly al qaeda in iraq how it happened i would say the rush to war in iraq in 2003 principally can be blamed for this, but most recently, president malachi in iraq has put his boot on the neck of the suni and isis grew through that and really appealed to disenchanted youth. it grew out of a militant group they brought in youth who want
8:15 am
to be part of the political regime. what happens next is critically important. >> it is not just the youth, in iraq that are involved we have syria and fighters coming in from around the world. england, united states. did the cia see this coming? or it just seems to have blown out highly organized well financed we are acting like we didn't know what was going on. >> i went over to the middle east i am concerned about these fighters coming back to the u.s. they are not just iraqi and syrian fighters joining isis. people from the u.s. hundreds as well as western europe are going over to join this idea, that isis wants to create an islamic state across the middle east. i don't think we saw this coming the way we should have but we need to attack it now look we defeated by in large al qaeda's structure we defeated the leader of al shebab just a
8:16 am
few days ago we are capable of defeating isis but must go and work with partners in the region to make shower they are on the front lines -- make sure they are on the front lines -- >> do you have the feeling they are willing to commit? we hear about the arab league possibly making a statement in saw abort support of our actions but -- support of our actions. >> it can't be solely american blood or money. we can lead a coalition but countries like jordan and egypt they are the ones that face the real threat of their countries being run over by isis. so they have to stand up and put their young men and women on the front lines we can support them with logistics, with air strikes, with supplies but this cannot be a repeat of 2003 the rush to war, bomb first, ask questions later, lead to this situation. we have to learn from that, but i still think we can lead and make sure this does not come to
8:17 am
our shores. >> i want to turn topic we have breaking news out of washington the president says he is going to hold off on any executive orders regarding immigration after the election in part out of fear it could hurt democratics chances in the senate >> i think we need to take action now the president is already being sued by the house republicans. there is an old saying in football when it is coming across the middle for a pass you might as well catch it you are going to get hit any way. take executive action where he can to allow millions of people living in shadows to no longer have to do that but come into our economy and really i think it is the right thing to do. >> let's go back to your football analogy it is an interesting one. i want to ask about the tactics of this. as a quarterback he signaled the past is going. the fact that he hold off
8:18 am
saying this is going to upset people on that side. it is going to happen now or a week after the election. >> when it does happen he is going to get hit. he is going to pay a price from the republicans regardless. he is never going to bring them onboard. democrats are on the right side of the issue. those on the wrong side are going to pay the long term price i would like to see it done now. >> maybe but the signal is, it is going to hurt on the democrat side. >> leadership on this issue and certainty is more important and it is the right thing to do. >> there we have it. thank you for joining us this morning, both sports and politics, back to you. >> now a little weather a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning, where it is mostly cloudy, some peekrays of sunshine but cloudy start, temperatures 50s. mostly cloudy start that will give way to afternoon sun, for the most part of the day today,
8:19 am
temperatures a little bit below average for this time of year. let's fly around the bay and take a look at temperatures south bay, 70s low 80s comfortable temperatures 5 degrees below average this time of year as we head into the east bay a little warmer 80s there, 88 antioch. 89 brent wood. central bay, breezy this afternoon, where we will see 60s and 70s and up in the north bay, san raphael sitting at 76 north bay mid-70s to 80s. today all in all looking like a nice day once these clouds give way to sunshine. see some extra clouds roll in, come monday, and that is remnants from hurricane norbert the first half of the week will be he bow average temperatures -- below average temperatures. >> we will be right back l swin,,,,,,
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swing in california. but is there any real competition,
8:22 am
given the dominance of democrats? i asked our political the fall election campaign now in full swing in california. >> is there any real competition. >> we asked willie brown and melissa griffin cain how do you rate the campaign. >> 0. absolutely not a person running for public office or issue discussed statewide district by district county by county and does not appear anybody willing to bump anything else off of television for campaigns. >> how much of that is the product of one party dominance the fact democrats, governor lieutenant governor secretary of state, there is only appears to be a couple contestant races statewide. >> not just one party dominance but a juggernaut of elder states men and women who occupy the most interesting stations in the state. >> elderly. >> elderly. >> i don't believe what you just said.
8:23 am
>> followed by the feinsteins, browns and boxers. >> they are not on the ballot. >> neither of them, so referring to that group as the elderlies, might be appropriate. but it has no application, barbara boxer may not be on the ballot again. she is doing interesting things so she might not run again what effect would that have. >> christmas day among political consultants and advertisers in california. at least a dozen people are waiting for that seat eight of them democrats four republicans. everyone. >> rising stars on the republican side in this election. >> neil kashkari. >> i want him to drop that last name and start referring to himself just as neil it is much easier for ordinary voters
8:24 am
because something kashi, kari no, just stay with being neil. by the way at the moment he is the only one except that woman out of fresno the mayor, may step up she has to drop her last name too. >> neil and ashley that is it. >> exactly. >> that's funny because he said that during the debate to the moderator, he said no, call me neil. >> i kind of like the name kashkari back in the day when i was starting my broadcasting career they told me i had to drop makovec. >> we will be right back. >> i kept it ,, what the? foster farms chicken gets to the store in 48 hours or less.
8:25 am
but it's 4 days to california. there's got to be another way. that could be any number of items, quite frankly. you know if this flight is less than 48 hours? i sure hope so. what? foster farms. celebrating 75 years. always natural. always fresh. join the celebration at diverted to minneapolis... i think my giblets are frozen. california's drought is takg its toll on the bear popula. >> here is what our forecast is looking like high temperatures, 78, santa rosa, north bay, 75 much warmer fairfield at 87,
8:26 am
along those clouds out there, they will give way to sunshine later on today. nice day today, tomorrow going to see clouds rolling in, remnants from hurricane norbert and then second half of the workweek we will see more seasonal temperatures but cooler until then. >> dry as well california drought taking a toll on the bear population more and more bears wandering into populated areas, desperate for food. nevada department of wildlife captured this 6-year-old female bear near carson city they said she has been turning up around town since she was a cub, this was the fourth or fifth time they captured her since 2008. >> she is just a drought bear that is coming down this time of year looking for apples and things, at that urban interface not causing any problems just being a bear >> they released her yesterday with a gps satellite collar to track her movements. they say expect to see more bears as they try to store up food for winter. she is kind of cute. >> very cute. >> just being a bear.
8:27 am
>> just being a person reacting to the bear. >> okay you might want to check food labels for calories and fat and content but now you can even check for political correctness. >> new smart phone app giving us the ability to find out how much money a company or its ceo gave to either political party is called bipartisan. it allows you to scan the bar code of your favorite grocery store products and the company's political donation data then comes up on your phone information is based on public data compiled by nonprofit groups, boy that makes it easier to vote for your dollar. >> grocery store. >> it is going to extend the time you -- >> you might be surprised. >> i don't know if anyone is down with that. face the nation up next. we are headed to channel 44 cable 12. enjoy your sunday ,,,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
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bob i'm bob schieffer on "face the nation," new american airstrikes in iraq overnight as president ponders a new strategy to combat the isis terror. >> our goal is to act with urgency but also to make sure that we're doing it right. and we're going to achieve our goal. we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat isis. >> schieffer: what exactly is the next step with congress back in session this week demand for a strategy and action will grow. we'll hear from florida republican senator marco rubio and top democrat on house intelligence committee dutch ruppersberger. former secretary of state henry kissinger has his own idea how to deal with isis. we'll have analysis on that and more


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